Estonia and Russia cite contradicting numbers of Russian citizens in Estonia Estonia and Russia cite contradicting numbers of Russian citizens in Estonia The difference in official numbers of Russian citi 房屋貸款zens residing in Estonia from the Estonian and Russian sides is 27,000 people. As of early October, according to Population Register of the Esto 酒店經紀nian Interior Ministry, there are 91,950 Russian residents, while the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy to Estonia gives the figure of almost 119,000 訂做禮服 people. At the same time, The Estonian Department for Citizenship and Migration cites a third figure – 98,199 people. The numbers were confirmed today by the Estonian Interio 花蓮民宿r Ministry and the Russian Embassy correspondingly. The head of the Russian Embassy Consular Department Alexander Mamayev believes the discrepancy to be “a natural thing,” as each party u 辦公室出租ses its own data base: the embassy is grounding on the number of Russian citizens registered at the Consular Department in Tallinn and the Consulate General in Narva. In an interview to the Estonian radio he s 酒店工作aid that, from his point of view, the Estonian side does not have full information on a number of Russian citizens, who are fixed in the Register as owners of the so-called “grey passports,” i.e. they have the status of non 土地買賣-citizens. “Such things do happen,” Mamayev says. He admits that Estonia and Russia do not exchange data and do not compare their data bases, as it is a common practice in the world. He adds that embassy officials are interested in contac 酒店兼職ts with Estonian officials on the issue and such contacts take place from time to time. In its turn, the Estonian embassy in Moscow has no data on the number of Estonian citizens residing in Russia. There is no such account, the Estonian radio i 開幕活動nforms. When parliamentary elections take place in Estonia, the embassy in Moscow sends invitations for voting only to those citizens who registered at the embassy and the Population Register as ones who left to Russia. Permanent news address: 婚禮佈置0.html  .
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